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First week of March, the riding season is not officially opened yet, but if you find out a couple of days before the week-end, that a motorbike exhibition is on, 20 Km from you… Weathers forecast for Sunday say it’s gonna be around 15 C. There is no way to stay  home! A simple post on Facebook in the right group and an other biker to ride with, is on. Meeting is set up at 9.00 in the morning, a quick cappuccino and we are ready to go.

A quick tour through the exhibitors, a riding test on some Harley Davidson, and we are ready to ride around the beautiful Como Lake.

Now, there would be a lot to tell about roads and places to visits, but I will focus on the last segment, when honestly I remembered to turn on the GPS recorder to track down data and streets.

Leaving from Domaso, a small village in the north part of lake Como, we drove trough the coast lake and we reached Porlezza another beautiful village surrounded by mountains. We started climbing some mountains heading to Arogno (Switzerland). There you can really enjoy a nice landscape on Mendrisio region and Lugano lake, and the sunset makes things easier.  I suggest this itinerary during spring or even summer. High altitudes you reach mean you need to wear appropriate clothes. Result may be a cold the day after, which is what happened to me… but I had fun! I am looking forward for the Opening Ride Season in Milan at the end of march!

Tour details: