If you ask me what Punto di Fuga is about, probably I would give an incorrect answer. That’s why I had to visit PDF to better understand what really is. In April 18th/19th the call was for the “Vintage week-end” and believe me those guys there have the right to call it that way. Different old bikes everywhere on saturday and old and new ones on sunday, swap meet, second hand shops and tenth of bikers. Anyway this is not the clou. PDF is a changing place. A mechanich garage during the day and a biker pub at night, with stage for live band, soccer table and music.

Now the only thing you can do is to take you time to visit it, drink a cold beer, and chill admiring works in progress and finished bikes! Bring your camera with you.

Click here to go to PDF Punto di Fuga in Bergamo.PDF-9678LombardiaBergamo PDF-9681LombardiaBergamo PDF-9683 PDF-9688 PDF-9689 PDF-9695LombardiaBergamo PDF-9710LombardiaBergamo PDF-9716LombardiaBergamo PDF-9707LombardiaBergamo PDF-9706LombardiaBergamo PDF-9704LombardiaBergamo PDF-9703LombardiaBergamo PDF-9702